Diego Teixeira da Costa

Diégo Teixeira da Costa is a freelance illustrator and a student of Minerva Art Academy, part of the Hanze University Of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands.

He started this study not only for his love to be creative in this way, but even more so for his personal development. Keep going and growing is what it’s all about. He searches for his own vision of the world and tries to establish this through his work. This reflects in his work; whilst he’s not always communicating his ideas clearly, as the more ‘common illustration’ should be, he tries to intrigue the viewer by showing him, in expressive colours and shapes, an arrangement of figures with certain meaning. Meaning that can be found by the viewer.

Of course this is a more autonomous way of illustrating. That said, he is always searching for this balanced middle ground, between his work being autonomous and illustrative.

Besides these colourful and expressive illustrations, he also enjoys painting or drawing faces in a slightly more impressionistic and sometimes more realistic way. Faces, in general, have always intrigued him.

Whilst painting has his main focus, animation recently grabbed his attention as well. A medium that proves to open up a whole new world to him.