Laura Finke

I am Laura Finke, a freelance illustrator from Germany where I was born in 1991.

I enjoy using different techniques and am open to try out new ones. Experimenting with a combination of drawing and painting is a new preference I recently discovered, and by using pens and watercolor or acrylic I can create a mix of organic patterns and colorful areas. I also find Oriental art an inspiration. Furthermore I find inspiration in anatomy, science, flora & fauna and puns. Having a passion for detail I often visually describe various states of mind. Interesting topics for me are emotions, interpersonal communication and socio-ethical problems. Even though I truly respect the patience for photorealistic work, I prioritize creating something new; not yet existing. I love to combine grotesque elements to cause collage-like compositions and surrealistic illustrations.

Possible areas of application are longboards, shirts, tote bags, tattoos, murals, book- and CD-covers, magazines etc.


2010 - 2014: Academy Minerva Groningen, the Netherlands
(Bachelor of Design, Illustration & Animation)

WS 2012/13: University of the Arts Philadelphia, USA
(Illustration, Animation, Painting)

WS 2013/14: Internship in Berlin, Germany
(Christian Rothenhagen, Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist)

WS 2013/14: Distance internship in Utrecht, the Netherlands
(Marjolein Caljouw, Freelance Illustrator, Artist)


February 2011: Group-Exhibition at Poppodium Simplon Groningen, the Netherlands
(Series of posters “Verlichting” (Enlightenment))

April 2013: Group-Exhibition Illustratie 57 Groningen, the Netherlands

May 2013: Mural Painting “Collision” (teamwork)
De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap Groningen, the Netherlands

January 2014: Solo-Exhibition deerSTUDIO Berlin, Germany

May 2014: Mural Painting “Collision” (teamwork)
De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap Groningen, the Netherlands

July 2014: Graduation Exhibition "The Launch" Groningen, the Netherlands

2013 - present: Longboard Designs for Woodboards