Sarah Pannekoek

When I start a new project my brain immediately jumps into action. Ideas pop up and flow through my head. Then I start to experiment, I give shape to my ideas, fine-tuning as I go. I always try a lot of different things before I deliver my final work. My sketchbook is full of try-outs, experiments, doodles, drawings, concepts, you get the drift. After creating several concepts, I pick the idea that inspires me the most and I start to investigate it further.

The illustrations and animations I make are very different in style and form. I paint, build and draw to create the right vibe to fit my idea of what the final product should look and feel like. My portfolio is pretty diverse and you can find a personal touch in all of my work. The illustrations and animations that I make are playful, fun and colourful. I want my enthusiasm to inspires others and deliver the underlying message.