Jacquelien Oosting

Hi, my name is Jacquelien Oosting. I'm a 20 year old illustration student and currently i'm in my 3rd year of Academie Minerva.

People say they can recognize my work by the color Jacquelien-blue. That's because if i use colors in my work, there's always that particular color blue in it, which i really really love.

Beside that color blue, i love to experiment with different perspectives and lines in my work. I do that for example by playing with color to create more depth. I combine that with flat parts. I like to combine it.
Maybe you can say that my illustrations are in some way a bit graphic.

To train myself in putting my ideas on paper, instead of keeping them in my head until i have a great idea, I started a little project called 'willekeurig woord'. This means 'random word'. Every day I make a quick/little illustration based on a random word (given by: www.willekeurigwoord.nl). These illustrations i make in black&white.

Please contact me if you want to know more about me or my work.