Kelly Wichers Schreur

My designs arise out of research. I am going to look for the qualities by studying and experimenting with materials and techniques that are developing into the design of a product. This can also be from a certain location or in a space where the delivery of the design can be a experience or a performance. This method of designing provides each project a unique product. The process committed often on in the workshop which arises designs which I beforehand just could not figure out.

I am a real hands-on girl who needs to “play” with all the facets to come to output in a design. This design-phase gives me the most incentives. “Designing” is so much fun because you can make a functional product out of a fantasizing image. I like to do everything just a little bit different, perhaps often in a form that seems impossible. But I believe when you want to make something, this may!

Fantasizing about new features and forms with unusual materials let me sometimes ignore the practical and technical restrictions. I will discuss my project with others and look the process over a number of times. If the design does not fit the way I want it, I take care of a solution that fits in the design. With my designs I try to bring graphic, Interior, architecture, theatre and product design together. I work with a lot of perseverance and always make sure my projects succeed, wherein i often surprise myself and the world.