Jacqueline Cuperus

Hi! My name is Jacqueline Cuperus, i am a product designer at the Academy Minerva. I am fascinated by materials, colour, light and shadows. I start my proces by experimenting with materials and getting the qualities out of those materials so i can use that in the designs of my products. I get a lot of inspiration out of work from other students and that includes other disciplines. Therefore i also have an interest in art and photography. I am a very ambitious person and i don't easily give up. Also i think humor is a very importent aspect in life, it gives me energy, makes me active and inspires me. Humor is sometimes hidden in my work when i play with imagination. I design by using my hands, experimenting with materials and working hands-on delights me a lot.This makes me enthusiastic and therefore i also make other people enthusiastic. From that i like working in groups but i also work very well on my own.