Melissa Downing

Melissa is a British artist graduating with a series of ‘schematic portraits’ after having transferred from a combined Art and Illustration degree in the UK to Minerva’s Fine Art course. Her practice is fuelled by her keen observation and questioning nature towards modern society expressed in linguistic and/or diagrammatic forms. Believing the path to a more peaceful and contented society is communication, Melissa uses her work to start conversations and give space and importance to the lives and thoughts of everyday individuals. In this series, the humble materials of pen and paper transform a recorded conversation into a 150x250cm diagram depicting the life of a real person using only their own words. This creates not only a safe space for the individual to express themselves but also aims to inspire the viewer to question their own level of connection, judgement and openness with others.
Melissa has been involved in a number of group exhibitions both within and outside of University with further experience in creative teaching and community projects.