Denise Silie

I am an extremely solution-oriented person in all aspects of life and Design is my output.
I love devising concepts and ingenious little things.
There is a subtle philosophical, natural and experimental layer in my designs.
You may also find traces of mechanical workings reflected in my work.

I am inspired by nature and love natural materials such as wood, metal, and all types of rocks and their beauty.

I have an ambitious, funny, solutions-oriented, candid and honest personality

I am Denise Silié ... nice to meet you!

What encourage me about design is designing for others. As long as I can make someone happy by solving a specific problem, offering my knowledge, or by creating an object which will make life more enjoyable, I´ve achieved my goal.
As long as I can learn new methods and technics which may help me reach higher, I will take the chance and keep developing myself.

I am a dreamer and an idealist.
My ideal world would be one where everyone has a place, live in peace, accept and respects one another and where no one should suffer unnecessarily .
Perfect balance between man and nature. Between life and society.