Nelleke Karst

Architect (Master) and Interiorarchitect (Bachelor).

With passion for our built environment, space, design and design-education.

Now Groningen, previously also the US (study/independent projects) and Japan (Shigeru Ban and Klein Dytham Architecture).
As a designer I strive to make interesting spaces that feel good. Within projects I have a fascination for movement. In subtle ways I try to create spatial 'incentives' for movement and specific behavior.
As a teacher (bachelor Design, master Architecture) I am highly motivated by seeing students grow and being able to inspire and enthuse them.

At Minerva I work as Programme Coordinator, or University Lecturer ('Hogeschooldocent').

As programme coordinator for the Bachelor of Design at Art Academy Minerva, I am closely involved in setting the direction of the Design Course. Spatial design is my speciality; in the programme, in student contact, in teaching, in coaching interns and coaching students in their graduation project.
Besides this, internationalisation and entrepreneurship are themes I work on.

In the past, I have taught at the foundation courses of Minerva Art Academy; the 'Vooropleiding' and 'Oriëntatiecursus'.