Han Elzinga

There is power that stories have on us. whether it is a short comic or a feature film, stories tickle our imagination and makes us richer.
Such stories deserve to be brought to life in vivid colours and design.

My name is Albert Johan Elzinga and I intend to bring life to stories.

When a person follows a story, they should experience the story to the fullest. to feel the mood and to learn from the characters.
This is the reason I started animating and illustrating. It is a very powerful method of conveying a message and making people understand something. whether it is a nuanced political statement, a message about sociability or just the reason why people should buy your product.

This is why I like to understand the subject myself before sending out a message. after all it is the understanding what the main product is and it is what I intend to do well.
I understand that I have a lot to learn which I am eager to do. both learning the techniques of animation and learning what makes your story wonderful.