Joriene Boom

Hello, my name is Joriene and I'm a third year graphic design student.

Over the last year I've developed an interest in conceptual design. This conceptualism is also something that appears in my work a lot, sometimes even without intending to.

I'm a very critical and structured person. People often describe me as a perfectionist but, personally, I don't see this as a bad thing. Because of my perfectionism I pay a lot of attention to details.

I like order, not just in my work but also in my head. I'm a very keen 'to-do' list maker to ensure I get everything done and don't forget anything. (I almost never do.)

According to other people, my works usually contain clean lines, symmetry and a certain unity. I'm also very fond of colour, but this is something that doesn't really show in my work. I've been told it does, however, show in my fashion sense.

Apart from graphic design, I also have a special interest in photography and video-editing. Before I started at Minerva Art Academy, I studied to be a video-editor, and graduated as such in 2013.