Linda Elema

I'm Linda Elema, born on 3 september 1995 in Groningen. I am a third year student Graphic Design and Communication at Academie Minerva.

What attracts me to designs is the diversity. This diversity in assignments allows me to remain the challenge within design, but above all that I keep developing myself as a designer. I like to think about solutions but I like to do research even more.

Others find that my personality is reflected in my work. Clean and clear. I try to show clarity and functionality in my work. I often work in black and white. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the use of color. It's just often not the first thing I think of. I would like to do this more often!

I find that I have a critical personality. Sometimes too critical, but I always try to make the most out of the assignment. I find it pleasant to work experimental. This can lead to unexpected turns. In my working process you can see it by the large amount of prototypes in I make.

I like to think about how the design will get received by the public. Will the design work for the target group? I try to reflect on my own work as much as possible. Prototypes help with reflecting. In addition, I do this by asking critical questions, but also taking criticism of others in consideration. It interests me how different people can interpret a work differently.