Gerlin Hamming

With a background in interior styling, spacious design and a passion for writing, I feel first and foremost as I’m a concept designer. Highly captivated by conceptual thinking and an interest in experience design. I think it is important to start from a story concept or command, then look for underlying relationships and qualities. Imagination, and thinking is something that always comes back in the process.

I'm looking at everything in design, but also in everyday life, to a certain depth, herein a philosophical outlook, these will play a role, but also creativity and out of the box thinking is often applied. I want to avoid the word floaty, but I work a lot from feeling and intuition. I like to be inspired by everything around me and am a very focused and driven person.

In practice, I prefer to work alone but I like the fact that I can fall back on people for feedback and a fresh look. An open work atmosphere works stimulating, and good contact with others motivates me in my work rate.