Elselien Pruisman

You know that kind of person you bring to a shop , restaurant or to an other public space and this person only talks about the design or the interior of this space and what they should do different. Yes I'm that kind of person. I'm always busy with colours , structures and positive feelings of my surroundings. I want to strive to combine my passion for designing with a drive to create a positive impact on peoples lives.

Trying to suprise myself in a ceative process is important to me as a designer. I don't want to cling to the first idea in my head but prefer to be openminded to developments rising out of a concept , material or context. Ideally I like to work within a team with a mutual passion for any kind of designing because I believe bringing ideas together and exchanging knowledge will result in a better project and make each other stronger as a person.

What I love about being a spatial designer is that everyday brings something different, everyday I learn something different and that i can make peoples lives different.