Valerie Smalen

Can express yourself
An experience
Stimulating people

The beautiful thing about design is, that you can tell a story through it. You can expose a problem in a location. I like it when the location speaks for it self and that the concept will encourage people to think and even discuss. As a spatial designer, I work with this imagery. This form of communication goes beyond the possibilities of written and spoken language. De power of this imagery is that a majority of the human race can relate and understand it. As to with a written and spoken language this is limited to the people who master the specific language.

Eager to learn

My biggest passion is to retain an investigative approach during the process of design. This is my biggest passion because, I think that doing research is an important part to achieve a conceptual, personal and innovative design. To achieve this, you will find facts, photos and other material during your research that will inspire you and support your choices. The history has ensured that today we stand where we are in this world. So looking back at the origin or the core is a good thing. I find it interesting to know what stood in a location before they build a building on that spot and to know if there were any developments in the façade of an old building. It is great to continue learning from the developments over the years.