Nienke Veenhuis

I am Nienke, a spatial designer who wants to master every detail before I make a final product. Techniques, theoretical sources, I want to know every possible thing. To get to know all those aspects, I am doing a lot of research. To make a final design I like to work with good concepts. Typically this concept tells a story I find or make during my research. Technical elements will not hold me back during the elaboration of a design. I see these elements as a challange more than a restriction I can not work with.

I am against massproduction and love it when products excist for a longer time. The products I make all link to a certain infinity, the idea that it can have a longer excistence. I am inspired a lot by the Ancient Greece, the UK, philisophical reasoning, nature and books/ stories.

I want to use design to let people see again. Open their eyes for all the beauty in the world that already excists. I hope people will appriciate everything there is and everything they have more than they do now.