Paolina Varbichkova

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 4th March 1993, Pleven, Bulgaria
Telephone: +31 (0) 639072228

2016 Moot Point, De Gym, Groningen, NL
2015 Op=Op, temporary art space, Groningen, NL

2013 The links between ages, painting performance together with string quartet Canto, Lutherse Kerk, Groningen, NL

Artist Statement

I am interested in the relationship that perception and reality have with each other, and how our perception actually works. I believe that perception is all we have. Although our perceptual system is constructed so that what we experience feels like physical reality, it is not possible to experience it directly, so we live inside the world of our perceptions. Based on the information it receives from the senses, our brain does the best job it can to keep our perceptions consistent with physical reality.
I think art helps us to interact with the world around us and experience more of it, as well as learn more about its relation to our perception.
In my work, I am interested in showing a model of ‘reality’. I am looking for perceptual challenges, creating images consisting of multiple layers, either literally or metaphorically, by using digital projections and idiosyncratic materials to project onto. On the one hand I am aiming to bring the awareness of what we actually perceive – light, colours, shapes, materials and perspective – and on the other hand I am trying to encourage a better understanding of the individual possibilities and relativity of seeing and experiencing this shared reality.