Nieta Lolkema

Hi there my name is Nieta, I am 29 year old Groningen based professional.

My illustrations have a distinguisable style, with a clear ‘Nieta’ signature.

I’m very passionate about fashion, women empowerment and breaking stigma in different areas. These are recurring subjects in my work and profession. I make purely aesthetic work without an underlying message as well.

I’ve always made sure to develop myself within multiple expertises. The result is a wide set of skills that I can put into practice. I believe this is necessary to provide the flexiblity en versatility needed in todays hybride time.

I can provide the link between art and business. I’m a social and extrovert personality and I love to network in a business friendly way. I like to put my sales skills in practice in a marketing or sales job. I also like entrepreneurship, have experience in planning and organising events, have strong leadership and management qualities and I know how to do a professional presentation.

I pride myself on having a lot of discipline, I believe this is something of great value in business. It is very important to me to always make all my deadlines, I don’t shy away from hard work and I’m always professional.

In the future, I want to focus on having a career as a creative director or content designer.

Please feel free to contact me if you think we can be of value to eachother!