Elske Hollemans

My name is Elske Hollemans (1991) and I live in Groningen. Right now I'm in my third year of the Art Academy Minerva (Groningen) where I study Interior Design. During my study I am discovering who I am as a designer. I want to learn new things and take on challenges, not only in life but also in designing.

Humans and their behaviour is a great inspiration for me. I find it a challenge to design a space or an object which could steer a person in how they use the space.

In my opinion a design should be more than only the requirements that have been given. I find it important that a design is something more than just aesthetic or practical. I want to inspire people by adding a kind of 'surprise' to the design.

I start a process with looking for references. Reference images inspire me and help me to make choices for my concept and development. I also like to make scale models in order to get a clear view of the design. During the whole process I find the opinion of others important. I enjoy brainstorming about my work and the work of others. In my work process I like to work structurally. In addition I am also a perfectionist and I have a great sense of responsibility.