Remi Janssen

I'm Rémi Janssen [1995] living in Groningen, Holland. At the moment I am in my third year studying Interior design & Architecture at the art Academy Minerva in Groningen.
Having had an international background I caught the taste of traveling and meeting new people at an early age. I love to see the art and architecture of vibrant cities in the world. And tasting different foods of course!
I also love watching movies and going to festivals.

I find research important for a design. I want a design to fit in it's context. It should solve a problem on that specific location.
When designing I like to look at the people who will be using the space. What do they want, want do they want to experience?
That's why I enjoy designing public spaces. I find it interesting how people use spaces and how as a designer you can steer them in a way of using the space.
At the Academy we have a lot's of workplaces. I like experimenting with materials, which can lead to crazy idea's and concepts, mostly by accident.

Whilst designing I like to brainstorm in a team for new ideas and to talk about the designs to help each other further. I enjoy working together. But I also enjoying working alone, so I can make my own decisions.

I find atmosphere very important in a design. I want people to feel comfortable. I like to design vibrant interiors. I want you to feel like you can live in my design. A thoroughly designed space, where everything is where it should is important to me.