Anna Ypma

As a designer, I would like to get everything out of a project and a cooperation. If I want something I will go for it. Working together with people most often pleases me very well. I am not somebody who will be in the foreground in a group process, but if it has to be done I will take the organization or leadership. Certainly because I have some experience already with group projects. I think that together you can create beautiful and good projects and to learn much from each other. I get inspiration from there, by having conversations with people and take a look at how they work. Communication is an important point in the design process.

Functionality and simplicity are my fascinations and generate a lot of my inspiration. For me, it is a challenge to create something special of simplicity. I think that a design is sometimes better with the “less is more” principle. I hope to learn for my personal development and for my development as a designer.